first broken bone

In the beginning of November (the night before my brother's wedding) Z and Ty were wrestling when we heard a load smacking sound and Ty started screaming. I was sitting two feet away and didn't think anything happened, but Ty was in agony crying about his leg and refused to walk on it or let anyone touch it. It wasn't swollen at all, nor were there any marks or bruises.  My dad gave him a blessing and assured him he would be fine, but Lance and I decided to take him to the ER just in case.

After a loooong night in the ER and a few x-rays it was determined he was fine. Ty didn't walk on his leg for several days and I kept going back and forth as to whether I should take him to our family doctor, but finally he did walk and it seemed all was well. Several times during that month he would bump his leg and not walk. In fact, I scheduled two appointments and canceled them because he wouldn't walk and then right before I was to take him in he would walk again.

On the 15th we walked Z to preschool and on the way home we were freezing so I put Ty on the top of the stroller (I was babysitting that day so I had the little guy in the stroller) to get us home faster. We got home fine, but as I was reaching to open the garage the stroller tipped. Ty not only fell pretty far but also got twisted in the stroller a bit. He screamed and once again complained about his leg, but once again, no marks or swelling at all. I decided he was fine and I wasn't going to bother taking him in. He refused to walk that whole day and the next morning as well. In the late morning I had a feeling I just needed to take him in. I realized it would probably be a waste of money, but I wanted peace of mind.

So I dropped the kids at a friends and took Ty to the doctor. The day before we had talked about praying for his leg to be healed, so when I told him we were going to the doctor he was so mad and kept crying saying, "Me no want to go to doctor, me want Jesus to heal mine leg!" It was so sad.

We got there and I totally expected nothing to come of it, but of course, the x-ray showed a spiral fracture so we got to come home with a Christmas-y cast. It hasn't been terrible, it can get wet and he can walk (and even run) just fine, but we are so excited to get that thing off tomorrow! We can't wait for him to wear two shoes again and to be able to go ice-skating and swimming, and just not have to carry him around so much (not to mention when that casted leg accidentally kicks us to steps on our toes it hurts!)

We're thankful for that prompting I had to take him in. We are also thankful for modern medicine and sure hope that this expensive adventure doesn't happen again anytime soon (or ever, ha!)


December Festivities

Christmas this year was magical. The boys were my favorite ages yet, and so enthusiastic about everything which made it extra special! We were able to do a lot of fun things, and really enjoyed the entire holidays.

Here are the highlights:

I love having Christmas decorations up and snuggling by the Christmas tree! We always do FHE and scripture study by the Christmas tree during December and it's awesome.
 Sometimes if the boys are really reverent during scriptures we get to play dog pile after!

 Z had lots of fun doing Christmasy activities in preschool and made us a gift. I love it!

 We went to  Temple Square with Lance's family and got to ride front runner again. The boys loved it, even though it was the same day we found out Ty broke his leg.
 It was impossible to get a decent picture of the four of us because the boys are uncooperative!

 We got lots of goodies from the neighbors and even made our own treats and went caroling!

The boys saw Santa several times, but our favorite one was at the library. He was so sweet!

 Z's birth family came to visit!
 We waited and waited for snow, and Z woke up screaming happily when we finally got some! He went straight out to play!

 We drank lots of cocoa--the boys liked it best decked out in Santa hats!

 Made Christmas cookies galore

 We had an awesome Albretsen Christmas party. We played Joseph Smith Jeopardy since it was on the 23rd-his birthday and dad is a church historian... :)

 Lance and the boys went on a Christmas Eve hike with his dad and brothers

 and then we spent the afternoon with my family. We sang carols around the piano right before heading home

 Z wrote his letter for Santa on the window!

 Christmas morning was so much fun! Ty got to go first to see what Santa brought

 Z had to stop at the window because he noticed we had gotten lots of Christmas snow!

 Santa brought a playmobil fort and a kit that they can use to build structures to play in. Z said, "This is the best fort I ever got!"

 Z's haul (most of their gifts this year were joint)

 Ty's favorite gift was hungry hippos--which Z picked out for him

 Ty's haul

 Lance's family came down Christmas day and we all went sledding!
We have played and played. The boys have loved their new toys and play so nicely together. They got to use Christmas money to buy expansions for their fort.

 We celebrated New Years Eve in Bountiful watching movies and visiting with LOTS of treats.

 Aunt Shay came to visit!

 Lance and I were able to sneak away to the temple. Our goal is once a week, even if it's just taking the boys to walk around the grounds.
Me and Shay got manicures!

Jam-packed December, but so much fun! We love having family close and are excited for the new year!