Gingerbread Night

Oh my, this poor space on the internet is so neglected. I have lots of back-posting to do!
Last night was our annual gingerbread night. We invited two families this year, the Olsen's, and the Kurtscheidts. Both of the husbands work with Lance and both of the wives have become my friends, Mary from music class, and Maria by an awesome totally random meeting at a park (a story for another time). We also invited the sister missionaries (because I love them) and because we wanted them to give a Christmas message and spread some testimony love this holiday season!

I used the same recipe as always (because it rocks!). I made two batches, and while I was making the second my neighbor came over and Ty was whining at me so I got distracted and left my kitchen aid running. By the time I realized it, it was smoking and very hot. Luckily it is still working but I fear we may be replacing the motor soon. Shucks. Fortunately, after like six hours of baking and cutting and gluing with frosting, the houses were ready for our guests! This year I had the idea to do mini houses for the kids. Oh man, that was a stroke of genius because it saved me so much time! Mini things are always cuter, and let's face it, the kids mostly eat the candy rather than decorate much!

We had soup and breadsticks, and then quickly cleaned up dinner to get to the decorating. The Kurtscheidts are originally from Argentina and have NEVER decorated gingerbread houses before! It was so much fun seeing how excited Maria got about everything. And despite their inexperience their house still won "best decorated", they are naturals!

The Sisters had to leave early, but their house was still very cute, and they shared this awesome video before they left which was a great way to invite the Spirit into our home.

 The Olsen's house had so many pretty details on the sides, I am sad I didn't capture a closer shot.

Our house wouldn't win any beauty contests, but once again I think we managed to fit more candy on then anyone else...it's so I can spend the next two weeks picking it off and eating it!

Like a true Andreasen, Z's house was by far the most decorated house of the kids. He stuck more candy on that house and base than I even thought possible. Along with big globs of frosting...

We love our gingerbread night tradition and we are so happy to have great friends who humor us every year! I am so excited for this Christmas season, now if we could just get some snow...

"Me a big boy actually..."

I am several weeks behind in posting this, but Mr. Tyson is potty trained!!
 I had tried introducing him to unders a few times throughout the summer but he was never very interested, and after a day I would always give up. I did NOT want to do babysitting potty training where you have to stay glued to their side and constantly take them to "try". Everyone told me to wait until they're ready (which I absolutely did not do with Z and learned my lesson). Oh boy what a difference that made.

For the month before I decided to try again (because we were running out of diapers so why not) every time I changed Ty I would say, "You need to be a big boy soon. We are running out of diapers so you can wear unders and go on the potty! You can be a big boy!" I really hyped it up, constantly mentioning it. Every morning when I would change him I would ask, "Do you want to wear unders today?" Inevitably he would always say no, until about a month ago when to my surprise he said, "YES".

So he did. And it's been unders ever since. It's magical. He tells me when he needs to go potty and although I still have to help him (mostly with the pants part) he is 100%  potty trained and all on his own! I never had to follow him around or feed him salty foods and treats. If he told me and went potty he got a sticker. After just two weeks his chart was filled up!
 I gave away the few weeks left of diapers and he wears unders full time. He has not had a single accident at night, and only a few during the day (including a poop accident at church on Sunday because I am an idiot and tried to make him hold it, whoops). I am so proud of him. He loves to tell him, "Me wear nunders, me a big boy actually!" Way to go big boy!
Now a baby can come anytime so we can start buying little teensy diapers again! ;)


Happy Halloween

From my little monsters...
and FrankenZtein
You can tell that it was a great day because it ended like this:


IAMM: I love to see the temple

"Where you spend your time, there will your heart be also" -Elder Robbins (3rd Session Ogden Temple Rededication)

Lance and I love to go to the temple each year around our anniversary . This year I remember walking into the temple and literally feeling all of my worries and stress drop away. It was so wonderful and I thought, "I want to feel like this ALL the time." While I was in the temple that day I also felt very strongly, "You need to be here more." Right then #ilovetoseethetemple, #summertemplegoal began. My plan was that with the start of summer and the young women being out of school I could go to the temple once a week, and then use that time as service hours towards my honor bee for personal progress. Even better, I found willing young women to watch my kids for free and earn service hours for their personal progress as well!

Aside from two weeks (one being girls camp) I made it every single week! Some weeks I even went twice, so I feel the ones I missed were balanced out. I can't fully express how life changing this was for me. Every time I walked in the temple doors it felt like I was coming home. The peace I felt was visceral. While I spent so much time in the temple things became clearer and many unexpected paths were opened to me. I chose not to run a marathon acting on inspiration I gained in the temple. Our decision NOT to update our adoption paperwork was verified in the temple. I'm honestly still not sure what the outcome of other inspiration will be, but I am hopeful, and SURE that whatever happens is right for our family and Heavenly Father's will for us! My faith has grown immensely. My ability to trust God's will and plan for me has grown, as well as my desire to align MY will with HIS will.

I was able to spend my entire summer doing proxy work for my ancestors because of family history work my sister has done (she moved to Arkansas so we made a deal for her to find names and me to complete their temple work!) Being in the temple helping my own family is amazing. I truly understand the promise of the "hearts being turned to the fathers", mine has! 

 I have developed a love for the temple beyond any I've felt before and #summertemplegoal is extending beyond summer and turning into more of a lifetime temple goal.

Here is the picture montage of my weeks which have been overgrammed all summer, but I love them. I may not remember specifics of each visit, but just looking at each picture makes me so happy!
Week one

Week two

Week three

Week four

Week five

Week six

Week seven

Week eight

Week nine

Week ten

Week eleven

Week twelve

Week thirteen
THANK YOU to Lance, and all of the young women, neighbors, and family who watched kids or came with me to support me in this goal! I love you all!

"It is as we serve, as we take time to express interest and concern in someone other than ourselves that we are more likely to gain a glimpse of who we really are and what we can ultimately become."
-Gordon B. Hinckley


Meet the Mormons

Sooo excited for this movie! Want to learn what 'Mormons' are all about? Here's a good opportunity!