UV 13.1...again

YEAR FIVE! In snippets...

-Training was sub-par....no speedwork or cross training, sporadic training schedule at 3 runs/week.

-Hoping for a PR AND to break into the 1:30:00's--not really holding my breath due to lack of work.

-Traditional pre-race dinner: Andreasen spaghetti. Gear laid out-ready to go!

-Racing while Aunt Flow is visiting just bites!

-3 AM wakeup to catch the bus not my favorite

-Carpooling with neighbor? Two thumbs up!

-Fun making new friends!

-Nervous poopies

-Start line lagging. Letting crowds thin out.

-Passing looots of people :)

-In a groove. No slowing down!

-Run felt labored. At mile 9 everything hurt! Crested a hill and could see the temple--made me keep going.

 -Finish line-wanted to give it more but felt drained.

-Lame finish sprint.

-Happy and surprised at new PR 1:40:53 (I'll get you next time 1:30:00's!)

-World's best (and handsomest) fan club

 -Kids 1k = big hit. Z took off running and earned his medal!

-Happy running family. Mommy got 5th place. Two steps down from last year but with a faster time, so oh well!

 -SORE after this race.  Next time must. train. BETTER!

-Worth it! :)


Nestle 5k

We just kicked off our seventh year in Springville with our favorite tradition, the Nestle Art City Days 5k. I started working from home a few months ago and it's been tricky to balance work, family and running so my training has taken a hit. I've only been able to get out about three times a week and haven't been doing any cross training or speed work. I figured I would just run by best and not worry about my time.

Lots of family came so Lance ran with Z and his sister pushed Ty in the stroller so I could run at my own pace. It was fun to have two of my sisters there, all of Lance's sisters, and to see lots of neighbors and friends. It's such an awesome feeling of community, I love it
The race started off pretty rainy in the morning and we huddled around shivering at the beginning. They had to change the course this year because of construction so instead of a big hill halfway through we started off going uphill at the beginning. It felt so great! The light drizzle was perfect! I don't really love 5k's too much--I am a distance runner so it usually takes me a good three miles to find my rythym--but I felt pretty good. I had my running app going and it said I was running a pretty consistent 7:50. I was a little bummed because I knew I wouldn't beat my time at that pace, but I didn't feel like I had much more to give so I just tried to keep it steady.

Fortunately for me it turns out that my app is WAY off. So I was actually running a 7:06 and ended the race at my best time for this 5k-22:02 and I got 2nd place in my age group.

I staked out a good spectator spot and cheered while everyone else finished. We had a lucky year again and Lance won a $50 gift card in the raffle which essentially reimbursed us for our race entries, woohoo! I got a medal for taking 2nd place in my age group, which is kind of fun! Now my goal for next year is to knock off two minutes and break into the teens! (Ha ha, we'll see!)

I loved having my mom and sisters there with me! (Missing you Whit!) These ladies are my favorite!


"Free" years old

My baby is three! How does this happen so quickly?
Note to self: stop blinking.

Ty is the sweetest little guy. EVER. He is always kind and happy and still has the best laugh in the entire world. He is getting a little bit of "threenager" sass but mostly it just makes us laugh.

Ty loves to be outside and his favorite thing in the whole world is riding his bike. He cruises around on that thing at supersonic speed with a big cheesy grin on his face! Ty loves playing with Z and his best friend Eli. He loves pasta, cheese, popcorn and has a huge sweet tooth just like his mama! He would drink root beer for every meal if we would let him (don't worry it's a rare treat).

Ty has stayed pretty consistent in his growth. He is 3'2"-60th percentile, and 35 pounds-79th percentile.

This year Ty learned:
to use the potty  (hallelujah and so easily too!)
to get dressed by himself
his colors and several letters
his first and last name, and how to spell them
how to pedal a tricycle
and probably lots of other things I don't even think about because they just seem so normal now!

Ty sings all day long. Usually the alphabet song or Davy Crockett. He love the outdoors and is an amazing little hiker and explorer. He can kick a ball like nobody's business and is getting really good at throwing and catching. He loves books and is constantly asking for "just one more" story. He idolizes Zac and for the most part they are best buddies and are usually laughing or playing together (or making gigantic messes, ha ha!)

He loves to laugh and make people happy and he is such a joy in our family. We love you Ty!!

This year he had a tractor birthday and his cake was another aunt Laura masterpiece.

He got totally spoiled by friends and family.

His gift from us was a bike and he is obsessed! He zips around on that thing at supersonic speed.
 He got to pick his birthday dinner (he loves pasta and we had a gift card, ha ha!)
 He also got to pick our FHE treat (Art City Donut Truck) and his breakfast cereal.

 His interview cracked me up. We love our three year old!!


Z turns FIVE!

Last week was a big one! Not only did Zachary turn five, but we also registered him for Kindergarten! I think if I hadn't been so busy getting home from vacation and starting a new job I would have felt really sad, but I honestly don't feel like it's really processed yet.

Z has learned so much this past year and is really getting to a fun stage. I am not going to lie, 3 and most of 4 were really hard ages and the closer we've gotten to five the easier he's become. I am loving it!

This year Z:
-Has excelled in school. He's learned to read! He's still a beginner, but he is getting better at an alarmingly fast rate. I can't even express how magical it is to hear him read! Z can count to 100 and beyond and loves math and science.

-Has become a really great helper. He'll do all sorts of chores and is getting better at self-starting in the morning. He's always been very independent but is getting more adamant about doing things or going places by himself. I've had to loosen the apron strings a little and have been trying to give him more freedom.

-Decided that he likes showers better than baths (and I do too because he doesn't splash water all over my bathroom!)

-Has really grown in his testimony and loves to share it. He says the most amazing things sometimes and I know that he has a strong and valiant little Spirit. He teaches me so much.

-Has gotten stronger and more physically capable than ever. He can do the monkey bars over and over without stopping, run super fast and longer distances, hit home runs like nobody's business, and has given up his training wheels determined to master the bike-riding (we're still working on that one!)
We kept the celebrating pretty simple. Z went on a date with me and Aunt Whit when we were in AZ. We went to the lego store where he got to pick out his present and then he picked lunch at McDonalds and we went to see Cinderella. He liked the animals but wasn't too thrilled with the rest of the movie. On the day of his birthday he got Frozen cereal he had chosen and got to take the snack to preschool. He picked raspberries and homemade lemonade!   Aunt Laura came to play with an awesome lego cake she made! Z was obsessed with it and kept trying to pick at it all day!

 He was so excited all day and told everyone that we saw that he is now FIVE! It was a fun, mellow day. He was looking forward to the weekend for his birth family to come, but ended up getting a tummy bug so we have to postpone that celebration for next week. Z got lots of birthday wishes and cards in the mail and was stoked about each one. He kept saying, "I'm rich!!!"

Here are his stats and interview questions for this year.

Height: 3'6.5"-41%
Weight: 39 lbs-37%

We sure love this little boy and can't imagine our lives without him! Happy Birthday Zachary!


Arizona Adventures

My little sis lives in Arizona, and has for almost two years but her husband just matched for residency in MICHIGAN and they'll be moving in the summer. Since Arizona is much closer and attainable for us to drive to we decided we'd better get down there.

It was seriously just what I needed. After another failed IUI (totaling four now) it was nice to just get away from life for a while. And Arizona in March is beautiful!! I loved every minute of it, and especially the time with my sis. No one can make me full-on gut laugh like this girl!

We left on a Wednesday and drove all day straight through to get there. We went through Vegas and stopped at Hoover Dam on our way. The boys loved it and although Lance didn't love the idea of going out of the way for a detour he decided it was worth it once we hiked the path to see it.

After a loooong day of driving, lots of snacks and multiple potty stops on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere we finally made it around 9 pm. We pretty much just crashed that first night because we were all exhausted.

The next day we woke up bright and early and went to the Phoenix Zoo. It was huge, with so much to see. The boys loved the multiple play areas and camel ride the best!

We went home and went swimming in the resort-like pool at their apartment. It was seriously huge and so nice! The boys loved jumping back and forth between the pool and hot tubs.
Besides chilling and enjoying time with Whit, Ev and the babies (who are really more toddlers now, aaah!) Lance and I were able to go to the Gilbert Temple. It was much needed, because Lance was just called as the Elder's Quorum President again and I was feeling frustrated about how we're supposed to grow our family when nothing is working. This temple is absolutely beautiful! Seriously, probably the prettiest I have ever seen. We did sealings and the Spirit was so peaceful and calm. Afterwards we spent a long time just sitting in the Celestial Room together. It was lovely and probably one of the highlights of the trip for me!

Being with Whit and Ev was so fun. They made us yummy food and we stayed up WAY too late playing games and laughing our heads off. Me and Whit totally rocked it at rook! Meanwhile the children slept and Z enjoyed Lacy snuggles.
The smells there were incredible! All of the blossoms and citrus. Some ward members brought bags of lemons from their trees to church and I grabbed two huge ones to bring home to Utah. That night we made homemade lemonade that was so yummy!

 We went for a drive after church because I wanted to see orange and lemon trees. I saw a plethora of them, and we ended up at discovery park by the temple. We played baseball with the boys until it got too hot.

 All too soon it was time to leave. We left on a Monday and took a scenic highway through Jerome and Sedona to get to Page where we stayed for the night. Jerome was amazing. I felt like I was in another country driving through that cute little town up on a mountain side. Sedona was gorgeous too.

We stayed in Page for the night and after a yummy continental breakfast continued our trip home. We were all kind of tired and grouchy at this point, but I was not going to miss the opportunity to see new places so we went through Zions. The boys loved the super long tunnel we got to drive through and my only regret was that we didn't have time for the bus tour.

Because we had already purchased a pass through Zions we decided to also check out Kolob Canyon. It was beautiful and had the perfect 1/2 mile hike at the top with some gorgeous scenic views. The boys loved the hike, rock climbing and seeing lots of lizards! Most of all though, they loved that there was snow in the parking lot...we've been rather deprived of it this winter!

Our last stop before home was at Cove Fort. Z loved it and both boys were riveted to the missionary tour guide as he walked us around to each of the rooms. They especially loved that there were lots of gun holes and that we got to go up the stairs to the walkway to look out of them. Since we had been singing Davy Crockett and the Alamo song non-stop on our trip we knew this detour was necessary! :)

I told Lance I want to move to Arizona. And I honestly would if they had a job down there. I would take the 120+ degree summers over our nasty inverted winters any day! It's kind of a bummer to be home and back to real life, but thankfully we had birthday festivities for Z to look forward to! Hopefully Whit and Ev end up back in AZ someday so we can visit again.