UV half year FOUR!

I have run the Utah Valley 1/2 Marathon for the past three years, and despite last years potty issues, I love the organization and love the course so I decided to do it again. It worked out well too because I could double up half training and training for my full in September.

Since this was my ninth half marathon and I have been chasing the 1:45:00 mark for YEARS I decided that this was the year! I knew the course, it's close to home and by golly, that PR was mine!

I found an advanced training schedule online and made made a chart to check off (I need something visual hanging on my fridge to motivate me!) It wasn't fancy, but it worked:
I stuck to the schedule pretty good. You can see the days I missed... That second to last week was because of girl's camp.

I could honestly feel myself getting faster because of all my speed workouts and it felt amazing! I was so excited when I manage a 7:28 pace on a 10 miler but didn't even feel like I was straining!

I am so lucky and thankful to have a supportive family! Lance and the boys follow me on most of my long runs and bring me water and snacks! I love having my little fan club, and I signed Z up for a kids 1k so that he would be extra excited for race day!

Two weeks before race day I went I girls camp. I wasn't too worried because that was tapering time and I knew I could get a few short short runs in first thing every morning while I was up there. I did get one three-ish mile run. It was killer with steep hills, and at the 8,000 elevation my lungs were really working! Unfortunately, on our hike later that day I twisted my ankle! I knew it wasn't broken or sprained but it was swollen and painful. I cried... Not so much from pain, but from frustration because I was worried that after all of my hard work during training I had just blown it! I went to the nurse and had her wrap it and then babied it all week.

The week before the race I pumped water and decided not to eat any sugar (which I mostly succeeded on!) my tummy wasn't feeling very well all week... Not a flu or anything, I just felt off? When Friday rolled around I spent the morning at the Children's Art Festival with the boys and then took them with me to the expo to pick up my packet (and my friend from high school Laura who was staying at our house for the race). After we walked around the vendor booths and grabbed our bags of goodies we came home and hung out. We carb loaded on linguini and bread and tried to go to bed early. I actually slept fairly well for a pre-race sleep, despite dreams of forgetting my iPod and missing the bus.

I rolled out of bed at 3:50 am, threw on my clothes (which of course were all laid out), grabbed my snacks, and tiptoed into Z's room to get my iPod. Then we headed out the door to catch the buses.We met up with another friend from HS, Cortnie and were proud of ourselves for timing it just right to catch the very last bus up the mountain (no long wait at the top for us!) During the drive I realized that although I had remembered my iPod, the dock in Z's room hadn't been plugged in so my battery was completely dead. I was super bummed and upset at myself. I spent the bus ride stuffing bagel and banana in my mouth while trying to get songs out of my iTunes onto a playlist on my phone. I only succeeded to get seven or eight before the signal up the canyon got too weak :( I told the girls that I had better get my PR because I was going to be running on anger!

At the top we huddled to keep warm, dropped our bags, and went potty . I was still trying to figure out songs or upload and internet radio app when the gun went off and it was time to start. I didn't feel too worried because it was chip timed, so I waved goodbye to the girls and didn't take off for a while after the gun.

Once I did get going I felt great though! I had my running app going to make sure that I was staying on pace (I needed at least an 8:04/mile). I was comfortably running sub 8's and the miles seemed to fly by. I was glad to have music, but those same seven songs on repeat did get old by the end! My running app was not counting the miles accurately so I turned it off around mile five so I watched the clock and hoped I would stay on pace. Normally around mile nine I start to feel tired, but I never hit a wall in this race. I just felt pretty steady and good.

Near end there was this younger guy (I would guess young high-school aged) who kept speeding up to pass me and then slowing down and I would pass him. It was annoying me because he was always running right on my tail--I seriously wanted to punch him! Finally, when I saw the mile 12 sign I decided to kick it into a sprint and pass him for good. I let him eat my dust, and that last mile was awesome! As I neared the finish line I squinted to see the clock and started beaming when I read  1:42:00 something. I sprinted hard the last hundred meters and finished strong...a new PR!

I grabbed my medal and some snacks and then called Lance...I hadn't seen them in the finish area. He was bummed because they had walked up right at 1:45:00...he had missed me. I didn't care though, I was too happy! He snapped a picture of me and Ty...doesn't by baby look happy, lol!

We met up and went to grab my bag. It just happened to be right by the massage tables so I got my first ever post-race massage...no line! It was heavenly, I don't know why I have never done that! Then while Z jumped on big blow up toys I went to the timing booth to get a printout of my official time. I was happy when I saw my official time: 1:41:29, almost 6 minutes faster than my old PR. Then I looked down further and was totally shocked to see that I was THIRD PLACE in my age group!! I placed!! I was so excited because it was completely unexpected! I ran over to tell Lance and he gave me a big hug and told me how proud he is. Then I called my sister because I knew she would get how big of a deal it is to me! :)

We had planned to go home for me to shower and grab everything for Trudy's wedding so we could head up to it right after Z's race (I signed him up for the free kids 1k that started at 11:30), but I saw that the award ceremony was at 9:30 so that threw a wrench in things. I had never placed before and there was no way I was passing up my little plaque!

We decided to run home, I showered fast and threw all of our stuff in the car (I made 150 cupcakes for the wedding) and then run back to the award ceremony. Luckily we made it there just a few minutes before they started announcing my age group and I proudly walked up to claim my plaque. I'm sure people were laughing because I was all dressed up (for the wedding) but I didn't care!)
 I'm still on a high from that run, it was excellent. I was pretty stiff the next day, but I took last week off from training (because we went on vacation, more on that later). Now I'm ready to kick it into full gear for my September marathon...Boston or bust baby!

Here are the professional pics taken by xotio during the race:



Nestle 5k and the Children's art festival

Summer is here! And it has been crazy busy at our house. The first week of June I went to Girl's Camp with our stake. We went to Heber Valley (the Heber Hilton) and it was lovely. Cabins, flush toilets, showers...MY kind of camping! The senior missionaries who work up there are so nice and cute and several times they mentioned that Heber was dedicated to be a sort of outdoor temple...I definitely felt that! It was an awesome week, and it was fun to have five days of girl time!
After I got home from camp it was the Nestle 5k the next day! We have done this every year that we've lived here (except for last year because we were in Illinois) and it is one of my very favorite family traditions. Since I was already training for a half I decided that I was going to also train to beat my old 5k time. Unfortunately, I twisted my ankle at camp so I had to baby it all week, but when Saturday rolled around (and despite my lack of sleep all week) I was able to run.
We had talked some family into running it, so Lance ran with Z, my SIL pushed Ty in the stroller, and I was able to race. I felt ok. Tired and a little sluggish from a week of junk food and no-sleep, but I had my running app on so I new I was on pace for a PR. Unfortunately my shoe came untied and I had to stop really fast to tie it. I was tempted just to keep running through it but didn't want to risk a real injury because I had a half the next week. 
I chased a teenage girl the entire race, and managed to pass her for a while, but just couldn't maintain it and she passed me again in the last mile. I was happy anyway though, because I crossed the finish line in 22:35, setting a new personal best by a minute and a half! I was also happy because I placed FOURTH in my age group, only missing 3rd place by seven seconds, and 2nd place by 20 seconds...probably about how long it took me to tie my shoe...oh well!
Sadly, it took Z and Lance forever to make it to the end because Z wasn't feeling well and Lance had to carry him for over a mile. :( I was bummed because the little guy has been training hard and was so excited for race day. Luckily they give all the little kids medals anyway so he was excited!
It's a great way to kick off our 6th year (I can't believe it's been that long) in Springville and we can't wait until next year!
Later that week we went to the Children's Art Festival. It's put on by the art musuem as a part of Art City Day's (our city celebration). The boys had a blast doing over 15 art projects! They colored with chalk, did dropper-paint art, made kites, visors, colored sunglasses, and even made sand art. It was so fun to watch them get creative. If you asked them they would probably say that their favorite parts were the balloon swords and face paint...

Or more likely, the corndogs they got from one of those traveling food trucks...they gobbled them right up!
I love our family traditions and I love these handsome boys!


7 years

Sunday was our seventh anniversary, or as we tell the boys, our family is seven years old!

We have to buy a new computer, and I will be gone an entire week at girls camp next week so we decided just to stick around home rather than doing anything fancy.

On Saturday Lance's mom rode the train down and watched the boys for a few hours while we went to the temple to do sealings. It was fabulous. I felt so much peace when I entered the temple and throughout our entire time there. I didn't want to leave and decided I need to go more often.
After the temple Lance dropped me at the running store so I could get new running shoes! Best gift ever! I spent a solid 45 minutes (at least) trying on shoes and this is what I ended up with
They are altras and are so different than anything I have run in but I loooove them. So light, so much room for my toes, and the color is decent. I will alternate them with a cheaper pair of Adidas I purchased a few weeks ago. My race is only two weeks away and I am so excited! I ran 10 miles at a 7:26 pace last weekend and didn't even feel like I was working hard. I definitely feel ready! This week I have a 14 miler and then it's tapering until race day.

After shopping we went to Chinese for dinner with the boys. 

On Sunday we had our traditional "family birthday" cake with seven candles. Zac and Ty loved blowing out the candles! I had Z snap a few pictures of us afterward. 
I sure love this guy! We've had our ups and downs, but I wouldn't trade these seven years for anything. It's been an amazing life together so far and I'm glad we have forever ahead.

I chose Lance seven years ago and I still choose him every day. This is the song I dedicated to him for year seven!

Hopefully year number eight brings more awesome adventures and we're still crossing our fingers for a baby sister! :)


Friday (or Monday) five

I really have been meaning to post...here is Friday's that I started and never finished, so now it's a "Monday update" instead!

It's been busy around here lately! My brother got married on the 10th, and we made a lot of trips to Salt Lake to help with prep. It was exhausting, but their wedding was fabulous, and so much fun. There is nothing more awesome than having all of my siblings together and it was even cooler that all of us except for my two youngest siblings were in the temple together. Congrats again Ben and Kendra!
The whole fam (minus the newlyweds...they took FOREVER getting ready!)

All the girls (minus Kendra) and kidlets. We couldn't get the kids to hold still for a picture so all the moms just jumped in too!

I love Mother's Day! It's funny because I used to hate it. This year was the best yet. Lance and the boys brought me waffles in bed (with Nutella and coconut syrup... So good!). Z sang with the primary kids for the first time and it was the fulfillment of a dream I've had for many years. I soaked it up. Poor Ty guy wasn't feeling well and I ended up bringing him home before church was over and we snuggled for hours... The best!
Lance has had a lot of meetings with his new job title... It was his turn to bring treats to a meeting this week so I volunteered to make cinnamon rolls. My house smelled so heavenly and it was fun seeing daddy during the day! It's just a few weeks until we celebrate Lance's five year mark with Nestlé...He is loving his new job responsibilities and is excited for some business trips coming up.
Our garden is doing so well! I think this will be my best year yet! We'vegot peas, onions, tomatoes, garlic, cucumbers, squash, peppers and lettuce. Our strawberry and raspberry plants are also doing well. And I am so happy  to announce that our peach tree is alive! We were worried for a while that it was dead and almost dug it up to return to Costco, but it finally decided to wake up a few days before my scheduled dig date. I guess it's just a late bloomer ;) We definitely won't get any peaches this year but I am hopeful for future years:)

Z has been extremely challenging lately. His latest misadventures include cutting up sleeping bags, climbing out of his bedroom window (we installed a lock to prevent a broken neck), and yesterday he figured out how to scale the backyard fence. He is so smart and determined, but I can't seem to teach him caution or that he is just too little to be without mommy. I am not gonna lie, I cry a lot and spend a lot of time worrying about that guy. Lance and I are praying hard for more effective ideas of how to discipline and teach him! 

Half marathon training is going so well!! I have been doing tons of speed training and I think that the 1:45:00 mark is really within my reach. I feel fit, happy and powerful.


Logan trip

Tomorrow my brother Ben is getting married!! It's been a blast throwing a bridal shower, shopping for matching outfits in their colors (turquoise and yellow) and making cake balls for the reception. The best part however, is that Whit has been in town with my adorable niece and nephew! I have enjoyed spending time with them so much!

Yesterday me and the boys tagged along on a Logan excursion to visit our angel nephews/cousins and also to visit GG and papa. We borrowed my mom's minivan and made a day of it. When we got to Logan we ran our rings into the jeweler (both of is got engaged in Logan and our rings were purchased at the same place) once they were sparkly we stopped at Juniper's for a yummy lunch so whit could visit a good friend. I fed Cole some French Fries and he loved them. :)
Then we headed to grandma's. I miss living close to them, Lance and I used to hang out there all the time, and I have so many special memories here, including getting engaged in their living room. They loved snuggling the kiddos, and Z and Ty wereso excited to play with their soldiers (which are from when Lance's dad was a little boy)

Z is obsessed with his ancestors lately and always wants to hear stories from when we were little, so I told him to ask grandma to tell him stories. He was enraptured!
And since he loves soldiers and battles so much I told him to ask grandpa about when he was a soldier. Grandpa got out his Korea scrapbook and showed Z pictures. I love these tender moments!

Ty enjoyed playing with Spot (the cat) and snuggling grandma once he warmed up.
Meanwhile I snuggled the babies. I don't think there is much better than snuggly little ones!
After a few hours we headed up to the cemetery. I always feel sad thinking about  these two nephews who would be best buddies to my boys, but I am so thankful their brother and sister are here with us and that we will get to see them again some day.
Because we had so much time in the car I utilized the big cemetery to try and burn out some of the boys' energy. Maybe not the most reverent thing, but we had fun playing chase and finding sticks to sword fight with.
On our way home we stopped on campus to take pictures on the 'A'... Maybe some day all of these cuties will be Aggies themselves! :)